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Who's Who In ATXF


Comments, questions, suggestions, omissions, email me and I'll get to in sometime in the next millennium. Except for the Brits... I can't be bothered with them.... ;-P

Username Homepage Posting Freq Geographic Location Affiliations Posting Style
Sarah E. Aalderink Sardonyx Pen and Quarry, Jewelers 3 TX FEB, PAA  
Adhokk7   8 AL NRMTPB  
Adora   5 AZ FEB, XFW  
Akakan   2      
ALFORNOS   2      
Alisoun Tabernacle Of Terror 3 CA FEB, LOON, CotHP,GABAL, MM, XFW, NRMTPB  
bas   1 UK    
BelleSoCal   8 CA FEB, SAA, NRMTPB  
BethLynn   1 CA FEB  
Bill K.   1 Alberta, CA FEB  
Binah   3 TX XFW, ggg  
Nancy Black Yet Another Nancy's Website 5 SC CotHP, XFW, MBC Agent  
Boondoggler   6 PA XFW, ggg, MBC  
Laura Capozzola All Things Chris Carter 7 Maryland Second Salmon  
Sean Carroll Sean's Web Page 6 FL LOON, XFU, XFW, OBSSE  
Carterconn The Carter Connection ..... FL FEB, XFW  
Tara Charnow   8 NY FEB, XFW  
Sarah Chesal   3   OBSSE, LLL, XFW, MBC  
Circe   3 VA SPCDD, XFW, MM  
CMSpurple   2      
Chris 'Coz' Costello Signal To Noise 5 IL XFW. Hehehe..  
Colleen Carteaux   1 IN OBSSE, DFD (desk#1074)  
Crazy Chick   6   XFW  
deb...or whatever Deb... or whatever 1 MN SWIL,CotHP, XFU GABAL, OBSSE, FLO  
Des   3 CA    
DonChep   4 IL FEB, LLL  
Emissary   2 PA FEB, Krycek Korrector  
Flukeman   1 CA FEB  
Konrad Douglas Frye   3 Manitoba?    
gizzie   3 PA    
Hank Random Splotches 7 TX FEB  
Hobbs   4 LA    
Alan Hurshman   7 Nova Scotia FEB, CCC  
Jewlz!!!!!!!!   ?   XFW  
Jen (is not a potato) Procrastination With Jen 6 CA FEB, XFW (Founder)  
Jenrose Jenrose's Home Page 1 OR GABAL, OBSSE, MM, JCLS  
JourneyToX JTX 4 TX    
Katrina   3 MD XFW  
Kimba   2 Canada CCC  
Kode   1 CA FEB  
Kristen   4      
Teddi Litman   3      
Marcelle   1 Ontario, CA CCC, CotHP  
Marita the Land Manatee Praying Mantis Epiphany 8   XFW, NRMTPB  
Meg The Paste-Eating Diva 3 NY...? NLEB...?  
Connie Morgan   2      
lynx mulderite   2 NJ FEB, HPotMMs  
mox.fulder@fib.gob Turning Pages 5 CA    
Nicotine Patches Delightful Cin's Home Page 1 TX FEB, CotHP, SoS, SPAK  
Pamela T. Pon   2      
Obsidian   7 IL OBSSE  
Physics Boy Mainpage 2 Alberta, CA XFW  
QFFI Mag1   2 NY    
Rachel   1 IL FEB, M/K shipper  
Phil R.   4      
Barbara Ruef X-Files MythArc & Newsgroup Resource 1 TX ATXF Newsgrouper  
Eric NRTJ Roberts   2 Ontario, CA FEB  
Rufie710   3 NJ    
Sickleweed   1 CA    
M.Smyth   4 Ireland    
Deborah A Tinsley   5      
Tom   NY    
Autumn T Autumn's X-File Reviews 3 CO OBSSE  
TrueBlueStef   3   XFW, LLL  
VerlindaH   6 TN XFW, NRMTPB  
wherever Wherever's Fun With X-Files 3   OBSSE, GABAL, LLL, cog8  


Posting Frequency:  Range including 1 (Inactive/Rare) through 10 (No holding back) 
Posting Style: Range including 1 (Tries for humor) through 10 (Serious/Always on topic)

(Horribly unscientific and subjected to my whims on a given day, so sue me). :-)

Last updated 12/17/01



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