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The Micro-Mini Condensed Pocket-Sized X-File FAQ

First of all, please visit the official site.

(To receive a text copy of this, send me an email with "send xfaq" (no quotes) as the subject, or click here)

1. What do all those abbreviations/acronyms mean?

  • DD, GA, CC, M & S, CSM: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Chris Carter, Mulder & Scully, Cigarette Smoking Man (aka Cancer Man), respectively.
  • MOTW: Monster of the Week eps... self-contained episodes (usually) not pertaining to the MythArc
  • X2: The name given to the syndicated X-Files. These are edited for time, as opposed to the eps rebroadcast on the FX cable network, which remain uncut.
  • OBSSE: Order of the Blessed Saint Scully the Enigmatic.
  • GABAL: Gillian Anderson Born Again Lesbians... but don't necessarily take that seriously... :).
  • NRMTPB: Noromo Torch and Pitchfork Brigade... Noromos with an "attitude."
  • FEB: Fellowship of Elitist Bastards
  • CCC: Some lunatic Canuck group. ;)
  • XFW: X-File Whores: They "claim to love every episode, or at least to be able to find *some* redeeming part in every episode.
  • MBC: Marine Biology ...Cabal? I'm not sure on this one, check Coz' site. ;P
*** For a more detailed list, look for ATXF GUIDE TO ACRONYMS/INSIDE JOKES posted semi-regularly by Chris 'Coz' Costello *** 

2. Where do you find info on show titles?

Among other places, check out the official site. . Many TV guides also list this information. But not mine. :)

3. Why does Mulder put an X on his window?

This is the signal Mulder used to call X (or Mr. X), one of Mulder's sources for deep background information. He took the place, reluctantly, of Deepthroat, Mulder's previous deep background source.

4. What are "'shippers"?

Short for "relationshippers", these are X-Philes who want to see a romantic relationship develop between Mulder & Scully. Many, if not all, believe that in fact M & S are already in love but have yet to admit this to themselves.

5. What is the significance of the number ____ ?:

  • 1013: Chris Carter's birthday (i.e. October 13). Also, the birth date of Mulder (10/13/61) and the name
    of CC's production company.
  • 2/23: Scully's Birthday.
  • 11:21: CC's wife's birthday (i.e. November 21).
  • 3: The number of episodes FOX aired of Harsh Realm before canceling it...

6. Who are these people on ATXF?:

7. I have other more in-depth questions. What should I do?

  • Carefully read through the posts on ATXF.
  • Read the larger FAQ posted often here.
  • Use web search engines and/or DejaNews
  • Look for more topic specific FAQs posted by Chris 'Coz' Costello, Beagle, and others, and look for the *Newbie Survival Kit*, posted by 'Meg the paste-eating diva'.
  • Go to the official site:
  • And don't forget about the official episode guides that can be found at your nearest bookstore.

Last updated 12/17/01


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