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Entrance Exam

First, decrypt the set of questions below. Upon completion, you will be issued a FEB Key, which will be in the form of a hexadecimal code. Go to the newsgroup and post a message with the subject header "FEB: I'm ready, willing, and able", (no quotes). In the body of the message, put your FEB Key number, exactly 5 carriage returns, and then the name of your favorite Mercury astronaut (WARNING: Do NOT use "Gus Grissom"). Within 48 hours you will be mailed your confirmation message from FEB, complete with your personalized FEB password that allows you access to this very important site.

Okay, on with the questions:

jks9df8 989 *)300ljkl sdfPL:_P:ER (PMKD:F ()E dkl0d(:Pd ??pL ./<<* ~1jjk2kl
4545l546kk 6lll fg890sf 89dff l; 89sdf 89090sdf 8e--++ sdfee
6fg64633fg 896fg6fg 2f853as "[][:09**&kl89(**$^&&33734 3523 f7s834 00svlsdfg5sdg0-g?.
099lK78ol^%^huklhjjkKLJSLI89&*o00_DRT8 )6534Nhj5%%cvvb~j`12Khkkfd90dfJ(lgkf990sfg
|kl;opfd.<lo0(*5uhb$ 00$^3uijknkSd56 #%^UGHw624nmnmasf9adf5fgnk 89o0r aldf7m,kfl&&oo&^&
A664X964C8/SD D656E66 H59I5 B89664A646E6 5VDFR 6565 6SDFKLR ***&55590 0_==_
@@o0dflLKLD800 ><||}}[sf sdf{ sdfl;99}

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